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Do I need race wheels?

The simple fact is that good quality race wheels make you faster. How much faster?

This much faster!

The above table shows what you will save in time at a constant power output traveling around 35kph, over various distances in calm conditions.

If you are into road racing, triathlon or TT'ing these are pretty significant numbers!

Upgrading your equipment is always a balance between what you want to use it for, budget, performance, practicality and of course personal preference.  We have devised the below guide to help you make the right choice for you.  You can always email Peter if you have any questions and he will be happy to help out.  Peter@wheelscience.com



From $1,609

$ for $ unmatched performance

From $1,154

Weighing in from 1167grams

Unmatched climbing and rock solid descending
From $1,180

Maximum Speed, plain and simple

From $1,080



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