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Get sponsored!

One of our key aims is to become the worlds largest sponsor of age group and professional cyclists, and age group and professional triathletes.

In doing so we aim to redress the imbalance between male and female sponsorship in both sports.
No small goal!  But hey, as we all know aim low, hit low!
How do we aim to do this?  

Introducing the Wheelscience Person Of Influence (POI) program.

The concept is simple:
  • Anyone can sign up!
  • The harder you work to promote the Wheelscience products, the more you are rewarded.
    • Leverage your social media activity,
    • Link us to your blog,
    • Go mad on instagram!
  • Just send us a short email (details on the contact us page) with:
    • a bit about yourself,
    • your athletic profile,
    • your social media activity,
    • how you can add value to the Wheelscience brand.
  • We really mean that anyone can sign up, lets be honest, Peter is a former 130kg rugby player with a simple obsession for wheels and he started the business.  We want you on board!

What you get

  • A whopping great discount on the wheels you buy.
  • The chance to get FREE WHEELS! - Based upon social media activity we will be awarding some athletes a FULL REFUND of their purchase price

What we want

  • An email as described above.
  • To be accepted on the program you must post on your facebook or instagram feed that you are applying, with a link to our website
  • That's it!  The rest is up to you.